Work in an Academy School? Get essential cover and join UNISON today

UNISON is the biggest union representing and negotiating on behalf of support staff in academy schools.

What we are doing

Our priority is:
  • to protect members employment rights when they are transferred from a local authority school to an academy
  • to defend support staff jobs, terms and conditions in the face of cuts to academy budgets
  • to campaign for a fair pay increase for support staff struggling with rising food and energy bills
  • to ensure every academy puts in place proper policies on issues such as health and safety, equalities, pay, pensions and workloads
  • to ensure support staff are treated and valued as professionals by their academy – including access to training and development opportunities

Benefits of membership

UNISON members in academies are entitled to receive:
  • advice, support and help when you need it at work
  • a helpline that is open until midnight
  • legal help for you at work and your family at home including accidents and injuries
  • access to UNISON’s welfare services including financial assistance and debt advice in times of need
  • education and training advice and courses
  • exclusive discounts that can save you money when shopping, buying insurance or looking for a holiday
  • access to UNISON’s own Croyde Bay Holiday Village
And you get all this from as little as £1.30 a month – depending on how much you earn.
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