Women Who Changed the World, Part 2, Ida B Wells, 9th September 2020, 12 - 1pm

This series of webinars looks at different women throughout history that have worked to improve the world. This second, hour long webinar looks at the life of Ida B Wells. 

Ida B Wells was born in to slavery. She witnessed the American Civil War and the Reconstruction as a child and spent her adult life living under punishing and segregating ‘Jim Crow’ laws in Memphis. At 16, she took on the responsibility for her 5 younger siblings after the death of her parents.

After the murder of a close friend by lynching, Ida researched and reported on lynchings in the South. For her work she received death threats and could no longer return home. She went on to become a leading speaker against lynching, had 4 children and worked to manage childcare and speaking tours.

Ida took inspiration from women’s suffrage in England and created her own suffrage groups for black women. She went on to form the NAACP but then was largely overlooked by history until recently.

This webinar will explore Ida’s life and the social and political issues of the day that influenced her through an archive of pictures, adverts and newspaper pages of the time.



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September 24, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm
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