Women Who Changed the World, Part 1, 2nd July, 2020, 12 - 12.45pm

This 45 min session is part of a series, looking at different women throughout history that have worked to improve the world. History so often forgets to tell the tales of these women, and the impact their work has on our lives today.

This first session introduces:

Sylvia Pankhurst

Growing up in a progressive socialist household, Sylvia, with her mother and sisters, became a leading figure in the suffragette movement, pushing to get the vote for women. Talented artist, and devoted to international affairs as well as the fight for equality at home, Sylvia undertook a huge struggle at great personal cost for women's rights: Imprisoned, force fed and mocked, Sylvia went on to be  continuing person of interest for MI5: she became a journalist and writer, a close personal friend of Emperor Haile Selassi and a first time mother at 45, whilst continuing her fight for fairness for all.  


This webinar will explore Sylvia's life and the social and political issues of the day that influenced her through an archive of pictures, adverts and newspaper pages of the time.

Please RSVP to the event and we will email you our course paperwork. Once we have received this back from you we will send you out a link that will allow you to access the webinar.

After the webinar you will be able to access UNISON's online learning platform where you can explore further articles and documents about Sylvia and the Suffragette movement.

To make this webinar effective we have capped the number of places on the webinar. Please do not RSVP to the event unless you are committed to attending.

July 02, 2020 at 12:00pm - 12:45pm
Lyndsey Marchant ·
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