Women's Lives Waiting List 2019

Women’s Lives

This course is only for women and gives you the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a friendly, supportive environment. The course runs for one evening a week for 10 weeks and there is also a weekend overnight stay with your course group.

The course will help you develop confidence and skills through different activities with co-operation and mutual support of your group. You will learn a number of skills, including:

  • Confidence to express your opinion in group conversations
  • Helping your children with homework
  • Note-taking
  • Being able to present ideas to people
  • Problem solving
  • Thinking about and planning for your future

There are no exams to take and the group has a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

Like the rest of our learning programme, this course is free and your travel costs will be paid for (your overnight stay travel, accommodation and food will also be covered), we can even provide help with childcare/dependent costs.

Please Note: This is a Waiting List for this course. We need to find out who is interested in doing this course and where you live, this will help us plan where to next run the course. The date given is only to keep this course waiting list in a position in the calendar where it can be seen and easily accessed.

If you know of a group of people who would be interested in doing this course, please let me know by email: l.marchant@unison.co.uk or by telephone: Lyndsey Marchant: 07939 583 811. We can look at running this course in your area.

May 30, 2019 at 6pm - 9pm
Angela Hall Crystal Williams Kate Vernon Rachel Chidgey Jeanette Hay Tracy Fielding Hayley Townley Claire Ingram Danielle McNeill

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