Wirral Lifelong Learning and UNISON - Festival of Learning

Wirral Lifelong Services, in partnership with Wirral UNISON, celebrated the achievements of thousands of adult learners who have taken part in courses and developed skills for the workplace, for potential future careers, or simply for the fun of learning. Awards were given to nominated people including all of our own UNISON learners who have taken part in courses organised by the union.

The day was organised by UNISON lifelong learning coordinator Dave Hardcastle with support from his colleagues in lifelong learning services and the UNISON branch. Cakes and refreshments were supplied courtesy of the Inclusive Learning Project  (Union Learning Fund) which supports lifelong learning through the unions.

Our UNISON courses have helped to develop potential new activists in the union, in particular through development as union learning reps who help to advocate and shape learning in the workplace. New learner rep Carol Munns received a lifetime achievement award for her efforts to progress from a book club attendee through to her appointment in Wirral libraries where she now runs the book groups as a part of her wider role. Carol completed learning rep training alongside 9 other new reps back in March.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Wiggins

wirral_learners_2.jpg               wirral_learners_3.jpg

UNISON rep Dave Hardcastle receives an award from the mayor for all his work supporting learners

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UNISON learning organiser Tom talks about how UNISON supports lifelong learning


UNISON officer Paul Wiggins


Some of the learners receiving their awards

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