We can’t afford another five years of Tory government

The outcome of the general election will have a significant impact on UNISON members.  It will impact on pay, on jobs and on our public services.

Under the current Tory-led government:

-          living standards have fallen as wages have not kept up with prices

-          over 100,000 jobs have been lost in vital public services in the North West.

-          our communities are suffering and our NHS is being stretched to breaking point.

If the Tories are in office after tomorrow they plan to continue to push down pay, cut a million more public service jobs and cut back our public services and welfare state.  They would do tremendous damage to UNISON members and to our society.

The general election gives us a chance to remove the Tory-led Government.

The result of the election really matters.  The policies and rhetoric of the national Government have an impact on everything that UNISON reps and branches do.  The redundancies, attacks on terms and conditions, privatisations and re-structures that we have had to face in the last five years are rooted in decisions taken by David Cameron and George Osborne.  The one thing I learnt after becoming active in UNISON was the politics behind the cuts to the home care services I worked in and the issues I faced personally as a single parent growing up in a deprived area. As trade unionists the Tories offer nothing to our moral cause and our message to them must be ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’

Your vote can make all the difference.

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