We are Many, the BNP are Few

Jason Hunter - OratorOver 5,000 marchers took to the streets of Liverpool on Saturday to show their opposition to fascism and to BNP leader Nick Griffin’s bid for re-election to the European Parliament next year.

Low turnout helped Nick Griffin be elected as an MEP for the North West in 2009, and campaigners are urging the public to get registered and vote to stop him from representing us after the June 2014 elections.

The peaceful march culminated in a rally at Pier Head which was addressed by speakers including Roger McKenzie (UNISON), Len McCluskey (Unite), Christine Blower (NUT), Paul Nowak (TUC) and the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson.

UNISON North West’s very own Jason Hunter addressed the rally. The veteran anti-fascist activist described how that in his home town of Burnley, the BNP had once broken through but now had themselves been broken – losing their last council seat this year. Jason highlighted the importance of building turnout for the European election and warned that the BNP would use glossy marketing material to disguise themselves as a mainstream party. As trade unionists we need to get a message to all our members to vote. Jason concluded that the British working class was created through what was the biggest wave of migration in history – the industrial revolution – and it was our labour movement that worked to build a better life for all.

Liverpool Echo article. Click here.


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