Use Your Vote on Thursday

Britain goes to the polls on Thursday for the European and local elections.  There is a lot at stake and it is important that we use our votes.  

In Europe, one of the North West’s MEPs for the last five years has been Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP.  It is an embarrassment to us all to have a racist politician elected to represent our region.  On Thursday we have a chance to get him out.  The proportional voting system means that turnout will be vital in stopping him.  He could get back in on just an 8% share of the vote, so it is vital that we vote to stop him sneaking back in.  

In our local councils, we need councillors who value public services and the people who provide them, so it is important to vote for your best local candidate.     

Click here for the General Secretary’s blog about the elections:

Dave Prentis: “Vote to keep the racists and the tories out on Thursday”

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