The Organising Steward ON LINE Course

The Organising Steward course is best taken one day a week for 5 weeks face to face but there is an alternative for those who like to learn on line …. Apply Here
Who is it for?

Any new steward who is unable to attend one of our face to face Organising Steward Courses (because of work patterns / domestic commitments)

What will it be about?

This course will help develop your:

Knowledge of:

    • The role of a steward
    • How UNISON works
    • The kind of issues members may raise
    • Where to get help and support
    • Agreement on pay and conditions of service
    • Grievance and disciplinary procedures

Skills in:

    • Talking to members
    • Recruiting members
    • Helping a member put a case together

What will an on-line course involve?

The course will use the same high quality materials, the same tutor support, the same networking with other UNISON stewards-but on-line from your workplace or local/employer learning centre. It will be delivered in a friendly, encouraging way by expert tutors.

You will access the course via the Internet and work interactively on tasks with tutors and other course participants.

You will need to spend approx 3 hours a week over a 9 week period.

 How will the on-line course work?

You will spend the first 3 weeks learning how to use the system by doing the Getting Ready for E Learning (GREL) course. This will ensure that you are confident to use the ultra-reliable and user friendly learning environment. You will then start the course proper.

We may be able to arrange a get together before the course starts, depending on logistics.

 Do I need good IT skills to take part?

The starting point will be the ability to send an email and know how to access the internet. The GREL part will then take you through what you will need to know.

 How much will it cost?

The course is free to you.  Your branch will pay the course fee.

 When will it start?

The course starts twice a year currently once you apply we will send information about timings. START DATES 29th  September 2014 and 5th May and 21st September 2015

 Will I get paid time off ?

On-line learning should not be seen as an alternative to paid release from work. The law that says trade union reps are entitled to reasonable paid time off for education and training still applies to on-line courses, whether learning takes place away from work or in work, at your workstation or your employer’s learning centre. Talk to your manager about what makes sense for you.

 How do I apply?

Please  click here to link to the Unionlearn website which hosts our courses – talk to your branch education coordinator who should help you  register let your branch education coordinator know once you know your start date – tell your manager and seek help from your branch regarding paid release