Stewards Refresher

For the remainder of 2014 Stewards refresher courses will be delivered by the organising staff locally at branch level. Branch Education Coordinators must liaise with their Regional Organiser

In 2015 we will offer ‘mop up’ one day courses in the Regional Programme  for branches where there are only one or two reps needing refreshing (ie insufficient numbers to warrant a local course) 2015 Dates  

This course will lead to ERA certification (or re-registration) – think of it as your vital continuing professional development as a UNISON rep – or your ‘licence to practice’ . In the North West we recommend the following policy from regional council for your attention 

UNISON reps and Branch officers who undertake casework need to be ERA certified. The appropriate courses to undertake to acheive this are as follows

  • The Organising steward – 5 days (for those newly elected)
  • The Stewards refresher – for experienced reps and officers who have not taken appropriate training during the last five years – 1 or 2 day versions are available to run via your regional organiser at Branch Level
  • Representation Skills- 3 days
  • The October week of Branch Officer training – 5 days

(The TUC stage 1 course for stewards also leads to ERA certification but before we can certify a person we need evidence of  attendance – see your Branch Education Coordinator for more information)

Where a rep or branch officer unreasonably refuses to attend a refresher course the Branch must discuss at committee level whether this person is better placed as a workplace contact rather than hold an elected position (where it is expected the post holder would from time to time carry out case work.)

Click here to download an application form – ask your branch education coordinator to authorise your application and return the completed form to Arena Point