Saturday Learning Club Courses FREE to members

Saturday Learning Club - FREE courses open to members.

  • Coping with Change :In Part One Participants will Understand how they are affected by change and particularly change in the workplace and Be able to view change positively and proactively and make a positive contribution to change in the workplace In Part Two Participants will Have developed and practised skills to cope with change and deal with difficult people and situations and Be able to develop goals and produce their own personal plan for change
  •  Get Campaigning: Participants will understand what type of actions make up campaigns and use materials available via UNISON’s national website. The idea is that participants think about how to voice their concerns in the local community and the type of tactics which would publicise their issue to a wider audience bringing in more supporters for the campaign. There’ll be time to research concerns and find out facts to use in support of your ideas and you’ll learn techniques to help you plan a short campaign.
  •  Using Social Media: Participants will get to grips with all the different kinds of social media and the ‘platforms’ they run on. The course takes you step by step in the use of Twitter and Face book and some leading websites and blogs. If you have a mobile phone bring it with you to the course and any email addresses you may use – the idea is that you up skill in the use of IT equipment; begin to understand some of the language commonly used and debate the pro’s and con’s of using social media in your personal life; within your community and whilst organising and campaigning at work

These three courses are just examples of what can be run locally – please Contact our learning Organiser STEVE SWIFT for more information [email protected] or tel: 07939583702