Preparing for Retirement – a free member course

Do you work in Local Government? Are you 2 years away from retirement – 1yr – or 6 months away? Are you a Pensions Champion or Pensions Contact? Are you thinking of organising a similar course in your Branch for your members?

 Why not come along to this free course for members (and their partners, where appropriate)

9.30-4.30 16th September 2015 Arena Point Manchester

 The programme will include

  • Managing Change – moving from work to retirement
  •  Occupational Pensions in Local Government
  •  Independent Financial Advice – what is the typical process you can expect from companies
  •  Legal Matters – will and trusts
  •  Statutory Pensions and state benefits

 The programme will not include

  • A sales pitch of any kind for financial products

 If you would like to attend please complete the application form and if you would need to claim your travelling expenses from the Branch get the Branch to authorise your application – but if you are willing to pay your own travelling expenses then send in the form just with your details and no branch authorisation. ALL APPLICANTS must include their UNISON membership number.

 There are 20 places available and if we get more interest we will hold names on a waiting list for a future event.

 We are also considering a similar programme for members in the NHS scheme – watch out for the dates.