Political Workshops

We see it on the news every week; the deficit must be cut, we were left in a mess by the last government, public sector jobs must go, the NHS must be reformed, the private sector must be free to create wealth, we have had the boom, now we are in a double dip bust.


Do you see this and think “that can’t be right” or know instinctively that it isn’t? Do you wonder how we got into this mess? And do you want to do something about it?


Introducing 4 economic workshops to give you a flavour of the situation we’re in, how we got here and how we can change it, based around the excellent wallcharts/posters you have probably already seen:






Workshop 1 – The Welfare State: Worth Defending. Covering the origins of the Welfare State and the threats to it.

Workshop 2 – Understanding the Threat To The Welfare State. Discussing the economy and the issues around it, also the neo liberal agenda.

Workshop 3 – The Economic Crisis: Causes And Responses. How this has happened and the alternatives to austerity.

Workshop 4 – Getting Active And Making A Difference. What you can do to get involved.


We anticipate that each workshop will run for 2 – 3 hours and at the moment we are asking for informal expressions of interest around the ideas intrinsic to these workshops. If you could come back to me so that I can gauge activity, I would be very grateful.

 Steve Swift Tel: 07939583702 (call or text) or

Call learning and organising at Arena point on 0161 661 6777

If you want to – you could complete an application form and send it to us and we will put you on a waiting list – then contact you again when dates are set – application form