Negotiating and Organising around your Issues

This is a new programme which will run for new and relatively inexperienced stewards within your service  group or sector either in your branch or at regional level – your will learn how organising and bargaining campaigns need to compliment each other – how to plan a campaign build a claim and progress a local agreement with your employer.

  • stage one will be a short workshop within your branch committee or branch development day or regional service group to identify priorities for negotiation topics, the organising and negotiating plan and the skills we will need
  • stage 2 is a day together to concentrate on a couple of key issues and creating the plan of action
  • stage 3 is a follow on day to practice more key skills and review and realign the campaign plan

For the programme to run your branch or service group must request this via your Regional Organiser and the regional learning and organising unit will help to make the necessary arrangements.