Leadership Programme

UNISON North West Leadership Development Programme

The Regional Organising and the Regional Learning and Organising Committees are working together to create a leadership programme with the aim of helping to grow the next generation of UNISON activists – reaching out to up and coming leaders who want to organise in the workplace and at Branch, Regional and National levels in the union over the coming years. The programme aims to offer them the support and encouragement needed during these difficult times of austerity.

Dates in 2015 6-8 November Mechanics Centre Manchester

Branches are invited to sponsor up to 4 potential participants in the programme. Branch Committees must call for interested parties to apply and is it for them to decide which four should be considered for selection by the programme steering committee, not just the Branch Secretary and or the Branch Education Coordinator.

These are the criteria we want branches to consider when sponsoring participants

  • At least half of the sponsored participants from each branch must be women
  • Potential participants must
    • Be active to some extent already in the branch – remember if they are newly elected to a Branch Officer Post they should also undertake the Branch Officer Development Programme which is a separate event.
    • Be committed to UNISON’s aims and values and want to play an active role within the union in the workplace, at branch, regional or indeed national level
    • Be free to attend the first event in the programme 6-8 November 2015 in Manchester and
    • Be willing to commit to UNISON activity for between 2 and 4 years thereafter ….

The November event has 30 places  – a steering group from the two regional committees will select who will gain a place on the November weekend using fair representation and proportionality criteria. Those who don’t gain a place this time will be automatically considered for attendance at a future event.

The programme will aim to provide a fun and relaxed introduction to opportunities within UNISON for those committed to its aims and values and will specifically cover

  • The Changing world of work at home and abroad
  • Inside UNISON – routes to democracy – who’s who in the structures
  • Concepts of Leadership
  • All the sessions will include confidence building and skill acquisition for the participants including speaking with groups and presenting information
  • Each participant will build a portfolio of achievements and be guided on what next learning steps to take.

Once the Branch Committee has agreed their sponsored participants their names and membership numbers must be forwarded to the Regional Education Officer who will process their applications.

If your branch committee needs more information about any aspects of the Leadership Programme please contact one of the following people