Branch Finances – budgets for the organising branch

This two day event is for experienced branch officers, Branch Secretaries, Branch Treasurers and those with direct responsibilities for Branch finances.

This event  does not constitute initial basic training for Branch treasurers, which is a separate module held in April and October of each year.

Financing the Organising Branch – new arrangements for branch budgets – 6-7 February  2015 –

Blackpool Hilton Hotel – beginning with registration from 4pm on Friday and ending at 4pm on Saturday

  • Course registration fees are £80 per residential place and £40 per non reisdential place, Branches will be invoiced after the event. Branches are responsible too for the payment of travel subsistance and any expenses to cover dependant relative care. The registration fee includes all meals and intersession refreshments - any extras to these must be paid for by the individual at the time of ordering or upon departure from the hotel.  

Click to down load an application form – ask your branch education coordinator to authorise your application and return the completed form to Arena Point.