Branch Officer Development Programme 2016

This is an all new programme for 2016 for newly elected UNISON Branch Officers.  

It is a blended 60 hour course including

  • 30 hours – face to face (Parts 1 and 2 are  2 day blocks and the Final Part  is 1 day) 
  • 5 hours – five enotes (TUC and UNISON) 
  • 15 hours – practical organising project in the Branch 
  • 5 hours – written work 
  • 3 hours – two webinars 
  • 2 hours – pre-course work 

The face to face elements are scheduled for the following dates in Manchester:

Participants must attend all parts of either the Spring or the Autumn sessions

  • Spring Sessions April 7-8, Part 1 - May 12-13, Part 2 – June 9, Final Part OR
  • Autumn Sessions October 13-14, Part 1 – November 23-24, Part 2 – December 14, Final Part

All parts will include both general skills all branch officers need plus those you will need specific to your particular post. The Organising project you will be expected to undertake  will compliment your Branch Development Plan and the Joint Branch Assessment. Your tutors will carefully explain all the blended elements of the programme  and when you apply you will receive an explanatory leaflet to get you started. During the programme you will be able too to gain support from a named  UNISON mentor.