UNISON Response to Liverpool City Council Best Value Inspection Report

UNISON has prepared a detailed response to the report of the Best Value Inspection of Liverpool City Council.

See UNISON’s response to LCC inspection report here.

The report of the Inspection Team identified a number of historic failings within Liverpool City Council. However, the report did not make a single reference to how over a decade of austerity cuts imposed by the Tory government has affected Liverpool’s ability to deliver services.

Whilst the report acknowledged that improvements had already been made by the Council, it still recommended that external commissioners be appointed to oversee a number of service areas. UNISON believes that the imposition of unelected commissioners, unaccountable to the people of Liverpool, is undemocratic and unnecessary.

The Council is now committed to a period of service review and improvement. UNISON will work to ensure that the voice of the workforce is fully represented in this process and will oppose moves to externalise or outsource services.

UNISON believes that the overwhelming majority of our members working for Liverpool City Council are hardworking and dedicated. UNISON will not allow our members to be scapegoated for the actions of a small number of individuals.

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