UNISON North West Retired Members’ Committee Coronavirus Statement

Solidarity in Practice!

Like all other parts of UNISON, the Retired Members Committee has suspended face to face meetings during the current crisis, but that does not mean that we have ceased all activity. We are acutely aware that this virus poses particular problems for older people; as we age our immune systems diminish, and older people are therefore more prone to infections than the general population. Older people are also more likely to have underlying medical problems that can increase the risks associated with the Coronavirus.

Our Chairperson and our Secretary have therefore written a joint letter to all Branches in the Region, urging them to use the WARMS membership system to identify, and contact all Retired Members in order to identify any that have no family or community support, so that they can be put in contact with relevant statutory and voluntary agencies for appropriate assistance.

We have also been made aware of scam emails being sent to older people, according to information received from Action Fraud and the North West Pensioners Association, and have taken steps to warn Retired Members to be wary unsolicited emails

The Officers of the Committee had a telephone meeting on 2 April, and will hold an online meeting on 14 April at which we will discuss arranging a similar meeting for the entire Committee.

We are determined that this crisis will not silence the voice of Retired Members in UNISON, nor hold up the important work that we have to do at this difficult time.

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