UNISON North West: Adapting and Winning

As your elected Regional Convenor, I am slowly getting to meet with all the committees and activists in our region. It staggers me how much work by activists and staff goes on under the radar but is integral to our agreed regional priorities and work programme. Rogue employers and a rogue government have used Covid as an excuse to attack public sector workers and our region is demonstrating that a fight back is possible.

The work we do here in the North West is trailblazing and often followed by both other regions and our own national office - our social care, international work and health and safety campaigns are examples of this brilliant work.

Our region is leading the way in showing that the pandemic is an opportunity for engaging with members differently- recruiting and meeting members in greater numbers than ever before. The recent launch of the remote organising 'Adapt To Win' Guide is a further brilliant example of how our region leads on digital campaigning and using the pandemic-imposed virtual world positively. I just want to thank everyone involved in this region who works so hard and creatively to recruit, engage, empower and organise members during these very odd times.

Stars In Our Schools activity on 27 November was expanded rather than restricted by Covid-19 as school support staff were thanked and rewarded for their incredible work over the past 12 months.

Our North West Regional International Committee has engaged with workers all over the globe with 5 virtual seminars bringing together workers and issues from Palestine, Cuba, Bolivia and Lebanon as well as a seminar on global ethical procurement and further meetings planned with Colombia.

Finally- congratulations to our incredible 'We are With You' members who have just won their dispute having taken an incredible 26 days of strike action. Your determination to achieve the NHS Agenda For Change pay rate you were promised really has been inspirational and your victory shows that the pandemic should be no deterrent to successful campaigning, strike action and pay justice.

I try and fail to keep this blog brief every time- it is testament to so much that goes on in our region that is brilliant... so basically, you are all to blame!

What you do makes a difference whether it is recognised and acknowledged or not- thank you. Stay safe and well comrades.

Glen Williams

Regional Convenor

UNISON North West

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