UNISON Election Images

Teach with two school children. Text overlay: UNISON campaigned for proper funding for public services. Labour listened. UNISON members have been forced to do more with less. Under Labour, public services will get the resources they need - including £26 billion more for the NHS


Person mopping the floor with text overlay: UNISON campaigned for a real living wage for all. Labour listened - Labour will rapidly deliver a Real Living Wage of at least £10 an hour


A male care worker support an elderly man with text overlay. UNISON campaigned for more funding, better pay and decent standards in care. Labour listened.Labour will introduce a national care service, with guaranteed minimum pay and standards of care, and training for care workers.


Public service kitchen workers with text overlay: UNISON campaigned for Ending & reversing privatisation. Labour listened. Labour will bring local government services back in house and reverse privatisation in the NHS, including an end to “subcos” and PFI


Image of care worker handing tray to patient with text overlay. UNISON campaigned for real public sector pay rises. Labour listened and committed to a 5% pay rise for all public service workers next year, and real pay rises every year after that to restore pay to at least pre-austerity levels.

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