UNISON Oldham Local Government Protest

Carers, school crossing patrol workers, social workers, environmental services workers and administrators who work for Oldham council will be protesting outside the Oldham Council meeting on Wednesday evening, as members consider the Council budget that will see cuts to services and jobs.

The protest, organised by UNISON members, is to remind members if the implications of the reductions that they are set to vote in.

UNISON Branch Secretary Julie Finnegan, said

“We know that massive cuts to funding from this heartless Tory government leave the Council with tough choices to make, but the implications of the budget are not just cuts to back office functions and reorganisations- they will have a real impact on the way important services are delivered.  Because Officers have not yet decided on the detail of how the savings will be implemented, Members can not be certain of the implications that the cuts will have on the ground”

“People who work caring for the vulnerable in our community, schools crossing patrol people, librarians – are all facing reductions or changes to services which could mean job losses, on top of the hundreds of staff that have already gone in the last 3 years”

She added, “A lot of people living in Oldham are already struggling to make ends meet, and the cuts may well mean that they have to pay for essential services in the future”

Members from other trade unions will join the protest outside the Civic Centre where the council meeting will take place, singing adapted carols such as Silent Night, Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Questions will be addressed to the meeting by UNISON members who are also concerned Oldham residents, about the impact of the cuts and the future of the adult social care services.

Regional Organiser Lizanne Devonport added

“UNISON is particularly concerned about the Councils plans to set up a company to deliver adult social care, which Cabinet members will consider next week.  We believe that questions about the rationale and costings for the structure have not been properly addressed, and we want the Council to stop and rethink to make sure that this vital service and our members who deliver it are protected”

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