UNISON North West Agrees Position Statement on Devo Manc

devomancimageUNISON North West will engage fully with the Devo Manc process and work to ensure that public services are properly funded, accountable, high-quality and provided by public sector organisations in Greater Manchester.

Delegates from across the region unanimously agreed an approach to Devo Manc that involves:

  • Working to ensure that more resources are allocated to public services in Greater Manchester, which are currently desperately underfunded.
  • Highlighting how the efficiency savings envisaged through cross-service and cross-locality working are best achieved through co-operation rather than competition.  The union will seek a commitment from policy-makers that public sector organisations will be the preferred providers of public services.
  • Protecting the jobs and terms and conditions of staff employed in public services in Greater Manchester.
  • Protecting the availability and quality of public services and seeking to ensure that policy-makers in Greater Manchester stick to assurances that there will be no extension of user-charging for NHS services and that national standards will be observed.
  • Supporting more democratic-accountability of policy-makers operating at the Greater Manchester level.  The union supports a referendum prior to the introduction of a directly-elected mayor and a constitutional convention to determine the most appropriate form of governance for Greater Manchester and the North West region.

The full text of the position statement, agreed at the Regional Council on 19 May 2015, is available here:

Devo Manc Position Statement – 19 May 15

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