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University of Manchester Staff say “Hands Off Our Pensions”

We work at the University of Manchester in a range of roles including cleaners, catering staff, security staff and administrators. 

Our jobs are important to the smooth running of the university, but we are amongst the lowest paid members of staff.

Our pension contributions are deferred wages and we believe that we should have a decent income in retirement. 

Proposed changes to our pension scheme would mean:

  • a cut of at least 20% in our retirement income. 
    • For a security guard on £22,000, this would mean a retirement income of £5,500 a year – a loss of £1,375. 
    • For a domestic on £14,000, this would mean a pension of £3,500 a year – a loss of £875. 
  • an even bigger cut in pension income for staff who are promoted at any point in their career
  • that all current and future staff would have a less secure pension.   

We call upon the University:

  • To reject the proposals to cut our pension scheme and benefits
  • To engage in meaningful discussions with trade unions to consider an alternative pension recovery plan
  • To share with the trade unions all the options and information considered in formulating the cuts proposal.


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