Tony Lloyd - On Your Side

UNISON is backing Tony Lloyd to be the Labour Party candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor. 


Tony Lloyd has lived in Greater Manchester all his life and cares passionately about the people and communities he represents.  Tony has always been a friend to the trade union movement, fighting with us against the Tories' closures and privatisations.  He will stand up for Greater Manchester.  His priorities on housing, transport and a fully-funded health and social care system are what Greater Manchester needs. 

Peggy Byrom, Branch Secretary of UNISON Central Manchester Health Branch said:

"Tony Lloyd has worked closely with trade unions in Greater Manchester over many years.  He is a great supporter of the NHS, and has proved willing to listen to the concerns of UNISON representatives, visiting our workplace to get a first hand view of the problems and issues.  I believe he will be a great candidate in the Mayoral elections."

Pat McDonagh, Trade Union Lead Officer for Greater Manchester Devolution said:

"When a Conservative Government started pushing for a new Northern Powerhouse, all our instincts as trade unionists told us to fear that trade unions would be excluded from the process.  Yet with Tony Lloyd in the driving seat, he has ensured that trade unions are formally involved and heard as the new Greater Manchester-wide governance develops.  It is vital that public service workers, who are the real experts in service delivery, are both heard and fairly-treated.  Tony has worked with trade unions to begin to make this happen."  

Labour Party members in Greater Manchester will be receiving their ballot papers this week.  We believe that Tony Lloyd has the experience, skills and passion to be an excellent Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester.  

You can view a video of Tony talking about the NHS in Greater Manchester here.

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