The Continuing Case For IT Learning!

Bury Local Government branch continued their digital inclusion learning project work with the second of several planned IT drops ins at older people’s facilities. This time it was at the Clarkeshill centre in Prestwich. 7 staff attended, who all had IT skills but wanted some further training on spreadsheets and other programmes – this shows the breadth of appeal of UNISON’s Digital Inclusion programmes, which work for those who have little or no digital skills and those who want to expand their digital learning too.

ULR Lead for the project Roger Pakeman was pleased it all worked so well;

“As we have purchased tablets through the UNISON Union Learning Fund, which our Learning Organiser Steve Swift facilitated, we could take the learning right to the people who need it; I also purchased a mifi device through the ULF so we weren’t reliant on wifi in the building, we carry our own with us!”

Lead ULR for this area Jean Foster added;

“It’s great to be able to take learning to the area in which I work, the staff really appreciated it and it will hopefully lead to some further courses. This is part of a plan to take the IT drop ins to other older people’s facilities for staff; the Council are fully behind the learning work we do here and UNISON are leading the way with helping people make and continue their digital journey.”

There are now conversations with the Council to do some further learning work with UNISON which will strengthen the Learning Agreement which was signed a few months ago; keep your eyes peeled for more learning activity from this busy Bury branch!

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