Teaching Assistants Celebration Day – Friday 29 November

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This Friday is Teaching Assistants Celebration Day.  The day is part of a wider campaign spearheaded by UNISON, the UK’s largest education trade union, to speak up for teaching assistants and celebrate the positive impact they have on children’s learning and development.

UNISON is campaigning for teaching assistants to be rewarded through a proper career structure and better pay, terms and conditions.  

Most schools couldn’t operate without teaching assistants, yet their role is often not fully understood or recognised.  

The roles TAs play in the classroom are vital, such as giving targeted help to pupils with special educational needs, supporting children with complex health needs, providing pastoral support to children or supporting teachers with lesson preparation. With the dedicated help of TAs, children get support to keep them in mainstream education who would otherwise struggle. 

UNISON will be celebrating teaching assistants on Friday at events across the region including: 

In Warrington, the local MP, Helen Jones, will be joining in the celebrations by meeting with teaching assistants at Green Lane Special School.  Also in Warrington, there is an event planned at St Bridget’s in Fernhead.      

In Trafford, teaching assistants will be celebrating with cakes at Delamere Special School. 

In Carlisle, there will be a special assembly at Burgh by Sands School. 

In Rossendale, Alder Grange High School, Constable Lee St Paul’s Primary School and Crawshawbooth Primary School will all be taking part. 

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