Tax Credits in Peril

Tax credits play a crucial role in supporting the incomes of millions of households across the country.  In a low-wage economy, tax credits are an indispensable lifeline.


George Osborne plans to cut tax credits by £4bn next year and MPs will vote on his proposals on Tuesday.  The impact of this cut would more than outweigh the effects of moves to increase the minimum wage and reduce income tax.  Millions of working people will be worse off if these changes are implemented. 

Detailed research by UNISON has shown the impact of Osborne’s changes.  Some examples from amongst local government workers are set out below:

a Cleansing Officer, couple with one earner, no children – worse off by £1657 a year

a Cook, couple with one earner, one child – worse off by £1767 a year

a Senior Customer Services Team Manager. couple one earner, three children – worse off by £2873 a year

The Tories claim to be the party of working people.  If you live in a constituency with a Conservative MP it is important that you ask them to oppose these cuts.  We also need to ensure that MPs from other parties turn up on Tuesday and vote against the proposals.  The Tory majority is only 12, and we must move quickly to try to stop this Treasury grab from working people.

Please click on the link below, where you can write to your MP:

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