Stop the Trade Union Bill: Public Meeting

Mechanics' Institute, Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD.  Thursday 11 February, 6pm - 8pm. 


In February, Parliament will again consider the Trade Union Bill which would make it harder for us to stand up for the interests of our members and to protect them at work. 

Only a small minority of the British public and very few employers want this bill. Yet the Government seem determined to press ahead.

Come and hear and join the discussion about how we can protect the good work trade unions do, continue to defend our members and mitigate the impact of the trade union bill should it ever become law.


Carl Roper (TUC)

Jane Carolan (UNISON Chair NEC Policy Committee)

Angela Rayner MP

Neil Todd (Thompsons)

Paula Barker (UNISON North West Regional Convenor)

Kevan Nelson (UNISON North West Regional Secretary)

Bernie Gallagher (UNISON NEC)

Jean Blevin (Chair UNISON North West Regional Health Committee)

Chair: Glen Williams

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