Care Workers for Change

We care workers provide an essential service supporting the frail and the vulnerable within our communities.

It's hard work both physically and emotionally. ‎ But it's vital work. We nurse, clean, feed those who need our help. Families rely on us to provide care with dignity to their loved ones. Society could not function without us.  

Yet we feel invisible, undervalued and overstretched. All too often we are not allowed the time or resources we need to provide the level of care people deserve. And poverty pay and zero hour contracts mean we often struggle to provide for our own families when we get home.  

We know better than anyone that social care is broken. It can't go on like this.

We refuse to be invisible any longer. Care workers are standing together with the backing of the communities we serve to demand ethical care. ‎We call upon the government to provide fair funding for social care. We call upon the council and NHS commissioners to insist that we have the time and resources we need to care with dignity. And we call upon our employers to end job insecurity and poverty pay for care workers.

To succeed our campaign needs your involvement and support.

If you are a care worker you can join UNISON online, on the phone by calling 0800 171 2194, or by printing and returning a membership form

If you are a member of the community or represent a community organisation then you can sign our community pledge and indicate how you might be able to give active support to this vital campaign.

You can view UNISON's Ethical Care Charter for home care here

Together we can win a better future for social care.


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