Reminders for Branch Education Coordinators

1. The Regional Programme of UNISON Courses is held at
2. There’s some notes to help Branch Education Coordinators on this page –and if you are new – this includes a getting started note and a note about how to keep training history records for each and every activist in your branch
3. If your training records are not in very good order – for whatever reason – please make an effort to remedy this as soon as you can – you do not need a sophisticated computerised system just use the paper scheme recommended in the notes on the website. You can ask for extra help with this – please do not hesitate to contact me
4. If you have activists attending TUC stage one courses we need evidence of their attendance because without it we cannot accredit them as ERA certified – again we have a certificate of attendance you can issue to them as you authorise their attendance which they ought to get their tutor to complete on their last day and then give to you to copy to us
5. When you authorise a person’s application for a regionally organised UNISON course you should record this on their training history and make a note to contact them after the course – take a copy of their attendance certificate and keep that with their training history record 
6. Who does what in the regional Laos unit ? – Kim Scott is office based and is our Course Administrator Tel: 0161 661 6777, Steve Swift is our Life Long Learning Organiser Text/Tel:  07939583702 and I have overall responsibility for the work of the unit both activist education and life-long learning text or phone me Helen Titherington, Regional education Officer 07904342203

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