A blog from our Regional Convenor, Joanne Moorcroft

Notes from the Isle of Man


I  was pleased to have the opportunity to visit the Isle of Man last month to learn about the challenges facing our members on the island.

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Undermining Our Security

The Government's agenda on unions and tax credits makes us all more vulnerable


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Paula's Blog: The Party of Working People?

For a self-proclaimed ‘party of working people’ the Conservatives do a lot to reduce our living standards and make our lives more insecure. Read more

Make Your Council a TTIP-Free Zone

John-Hilary-300x200.pngIt was a pleasure to welcome John Hilary from War on Want to the UNISON Regional Centre to provide an update on TTIP this week.  John is an engaging and informative speaker as well as a tireless campaigner against TTIP.  UNISON is working closely with War on Want to highlight the dangers of TTIP to the ability of governments to provide services in-house, to act in the public interest and to implement effective environmental, employment and consumer protections.

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A Successful Conference for the North West

Last week, UNISON held its National Delegate Conference in Glasgow.  It was a very successful week for our region.  There were over 30 speakers from the North West Region who addressed the 3,000-strong hall.  A third of our speakers were speaking for the first time and I was delighted to hear our new activists saying how their experience gave them renewed confidence.  Conference is great for instilling self-belief but also for increasing our confidence in the collective strength of our union as we return to our branches.

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People Are Looking to their Union to Give a Lead: We must all rise to the challenge

As I begin my new role as Regional Convenor, I want to pay tribute to the work of my predecessor, Angie Rayner MP.  Angie worked tirelessly for the union and I am sure she will be a great representative of her constituents in Ashton-under-Lyne.

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