A blog from our Regional Convenor, Glen Williams

October 2020: Scrap the Pensions Cap!

Hello to all UNISON North West activists and members, Read more

Sending strength, solidarity and thanks to our UNISON North West activists

Since I last wrote we have lost a true friend and comrade to our region- Jean Blevin. Jean was our Regional Treasurer and longstanding health activist known throughout our region and union. After a short battle, Jean fell victim to cancer in August and we have met regularly with her family, friends and colleagues. When the pandemic allows, we will properly remember the immense work Jean did for our region and union. Read more

COVID-19, Collective Voice and Our Region's Challenges

A very warm welcome to all UNISON North West activists on behalf of your new Regional Secretariat. Never has there been a greater need for our collective voice to be heard in and outside of our union. Read more

Coronavirus is the biggest challenge we’ve faced in decades- UNISON North West is meeting it head on

When I became Interim Regional Convenor at the end of last year, I did not expect that just a few months later we would be faced by a global pandemic- the consequences of which are colossal for our whole union. Coronavirus has made the turbulence of the last few years pale into insignificance by comparison.

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The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise! Pay Seminar 2020

As trade union officials we are often so busy supporting members in the here and now, that it can be difficult to take time out to discuss the big issues. It is crucial though that as a union, we do take time to think, to debate and to plan. That’s why I was so pleased to chair our Pay Seminar which took place a few weeks ago. There are few issues that are more important to our members than pay, and it is crucial that we work collectively to set a pro-active pay agenda for the coming years. Read more

2019 in Review: Recruitment and Retention

I have begun the year by reflecting on our recruitment and retention figures for 2019. There are some exceptional statistics that are testament to the excellent work of activists and organisers across our region. Read more

We will fight back

This is my first blog as Regional Convenor of UNISON North West. I am extremely excited to begin this role leading the largest union in our dynamic and historic region, although I do wish that the circumstances were different...

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General Election 2019: let's transform this country for good

Last weekend, I was selected as the Labour Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for the seat of Liverpool Wavertree, the constituency I was born in. It was an honour and a privilege to receive the support of local members and I now look forward to campaigning relentlessly for a Labour Government. Read more

The Liverpool Typists Strike 1981: a trailblazing equal pay campaign

I recently read an excellent article by Peter Cresswell in the North West Labour History journal about the groundbreaking 1981 strike by 450 Liverpool City Council typists. At the time, it was the longest strike by white collar women workers in the UK and it became a historic fight for equal pay and equal rights for women. Read more

Young workers: ending the scourge of low pay

On Saturday I was invited to speak at North West Young Labour conference on the topic: "Ending the scourge of low pay". It was a pleasure to meet so many inspiring young activists. Read more

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