Recruitment fortnight – Resources

From the 11th to the 25th of March 2013, every branch and official of our union will be engaged in activity to organise and recruit new members, and build our union.

Here you can download resources to help you organise and recruit in your workplace. We’ll be updating and adding to this selection of resources throughout the fortnight commencing 11th March:

Recruitment Materials:

Don’t forget – you can order copies of UNISON’s new recruitment campaign materials for your branch from the online resources catalogue.

Adverts for branch websites and newsletters:

Desktop backgrounds & screen adverts:

Our desktop backgrounds are available in a variety of screen resolutions, and could also be used as adverts on workplace TV displays

Tips and tools:

You can sign up for our ’12 Days of Organising’ feature, which will ensure you get daily recruitment and organising tips and tools from our regional organising teams – just click here and enter your details