Recognition Deal Agreed with Stockport Care Home Chain

Collective bargaining will cover areas including pay, working hours and holiday arrangements. 


UNISON today (Thursday) signed a recognition agreement with Harbour Healthcare which covers the chain's three care homes in Stockport.   

The deal means that union representatives will meet with Harbour management to discuss and seek agreement on issues including pay, working hours and holiday arrangements.   

UNISON North West Local Organiser Kevin Dolan (pictured left) said:

“We all have a common objective in ensuring that residents receive an excellent standard of care, and good employment relations are key to achieving that.

“Care workers are very committed to helping residents and have valuable insights into how services can best be organised.  But too many social care employers fail to listen to their staff and do not provide good quality employment. 

“This recognition agreement is a really positive move and we look forward to working in partnership with Harbour Healthcare.”

Local Organiser Bob Brown (pictured right) said:

“If Harbour can do this, other care home providers can too. 

“We are hopeful that many more care home workers can benefit in future from their employers formally recognising the union, and agreeing to work co-operatively and constructively with staff.” 


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