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Here are some quotes from members who have taken up the Reading Ahead Challenge, supported by UNISON ULRs. Thank you to Ya Ching and others for supporting Reading Ahead at Merseytravel branch.

Emma Hurst Says: 

Reading gives me a chance to be in a different world on the train on the way to work. It can lift or lower my mood depending on the story. Great Expectations transported me to Victorian England.

I first did the reading challenge 3 years ago and before that I didn’t read at all. So, the challenge has helped me to find out about different genres from colleagues and I have discovered that ‘Medical Thriller’ is my genre.  I would never have even known that ‘Medical Thriller’ was a genre without the challenge.

I still find it quite difficult to read a book if I am not enjoying it, so all of the books that I have completed I have enjoyed. I really love 1984 by George Orwell, though it does leave a hopeless feeling behind. More upbeat was His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, good is victorious over evil after an epic finale where good forces from every world are pitted against evil from all worlds. It’s a nail biter and some of the greatest good characters don’t make it, but I am still left with a warm glow about these books three years after I read them, thanks to Cathy Elwin for lending them to me!

Another great opportunity to take part in the reading challenge.  Thank you Ya Ching :)”


Lisa Marshall Says:

Reading is something which I am doing to fill time; mainly during my journey to work or whilst the kids are playing. Perhaps if my interest in books grows, so will the importance and significance of reading.

Being able to switch off during my journey to work is definitely more relaxing than reading the Metro or looking out the window wishing the traffic would move faster. I’ve also noticed with a couple of books when I’ve wanted to know what will happen next, that I’ve made time to sit and read at home.

As someone who barely read books, probably one every couple of years, I have definitely started reading more since starting the challenge. I couldn’t say that I am reading different types of books because at the minute I’m just picking out books from the book shelf near the printers; some I enjoy and others I don’t. I guess the more I read the more I will pick books of a type which I’ve previously enjoyed, as opposed to reading different types of books.

It is still very early days in my reading to recommend anything. And, having read a couple of quick reads which were so bad that I can’t believe the author thought they were worthy of writing let alone getting published, it’s clear that peoples’ idea of a good read is a very personal thing.”



“I definitely join the Reading challenge gain. I have continued to read after submitting my reading diary for this year’s challenge so hopefully I will still be reading on a regular basis next year and therefore may as well take part. If my reading has died off, the reading challenge will be a good opportunity for me to start again.”


For help setting up the challenge in your area, take a look at the guide here

And contact us at the regional office for further support.

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