Public Meeting in Salford Over Threat to Patient Food

The Stop the Slop campaign is growing in strength.  




The campaign has now gathered over 1,000 signatures for its petition to Salford Royal Chief Executive Sir David Dalton not to go ahead with controversial plans to outsource patient catering.  The Trust’s plan to give patients ready meals instead of food that is freshly-prepared on-site has caused concerns about quality and cost.     

Wendy Allison, UNISON Regional Organiser and Stop the Slop campaigner said:   

“This campaign is gaining strength and the meeting on Thursday is a good chance for the public to hear about what’s going on and to get involved.  If we all stand together we can change the Trust’s plans and ensure that patients at Salford Royal get good quality food to speed their recovery.     

“We know that the public are very concerned that the Trust is prioritising short-term financial savings over long-term value for money and the well-being of patients.  There have already been incidences of people arriving at Salford Royal suffering from malnourishment.  If Sir David truly wants Salford to be a flagship hospital he needs to keep his eye on the basics and make sure patients are well-fed with good quality, fresh food.”     

The public meeting takes place at 6pm on Thursday 7 April at Buile Hill Park Hall, Eccles Old Road, Salford M6 8GL.  Local MP Rebecca Long-Bailey will be among the speakers. 

For more information, and to sign the petition, visit the Stop the Slop campaign page here.  




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