Police and Justice Staff

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Police, probation and cafcass members are part of UNISON’s Police and Justice Service Group. As the name suggests, this is a major grouping in the union of all our members who work in the police and justice services. With over 50,000 police and justice members, UNISON is one of the largest unions in the justice system.The Police and Justice Service Group looks after your interests at work and provides the framework for you to get involved in the union as a member, as a representative or as a branch official. The Service Group works on a number of levels:

UNISON represents Police Staff in all roles across England, Scotland and Wales with over 44,000 in membership, and growing. Our members are in administrative roles, and more and more are involved in operational roles such as Scene’s of Crime, Control Rooms, Enquiry Counters, Fingerprints and PCSOs to name but a few. It is more than likely that the Public have more contact with Police Staff than they do with Police Officers.

As we have been representing Police Staff for many years we are well aware of the difficulties that they encounter.

We represent members Locally, Regionally and Nationally. The intension of this web site is to bring all three together. Providing information about your local Branches throughout the North West, keeping you updated on National issues, and how they could affect you.

UNISON within the police service is recognised as the fastest growing service group within UNISON, which brings with it difficulties in communication. Through this web site, we will endeavour to keep you updated on issues that affect Police Staff throughout the North West, and the benefits of being in UNISON.

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