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Housing staff in St Helens and Warrington are calling for an end to attacks on their standard of living and for a fair pay rise.

The staff are employed by the Torus Housing Group – which includes the Golden Gates and Helena housing associations.  

The staff work in a range of roles including administrators, customer service advisers, housing officers and maintenance staff.  

Last year, staff received a pay rise of 1.5%, but prices went up by 3.5% and the cost of some everyday items has risen dramatically including bus fares (14%), clothing and footwear (9%) and petrol (8%).  For the next 12 months staff are due to receive 2%, but this is again below the forecast inflation rate and marks another real-terms pay cut.   

Housing staff in Warrington and St Helens have suffered years of increasing working hours, growing workloads, and falling real wages.

Torus bosses have so far ignored their staff’s rejection of a below-inflation pay offer, while the highest-paid Board member has seen their payment increase by more than 6%.     

It’s time for Torus to pay up


What you can do

If you work for Torus and are not already a member – you can join UNISON here

If you work for Torus and would like to get involved in the Pay Up Torus campaign, please contact Dave McKnight at:

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