Pay in Local Government and Schools: Time to Mobilise for a ‘Yes’ vote

YES graphic

If you’ve received a ballot paper and have not yet voted in the local government and schools pay ballot, please vote now.

It’s ever so important that there is a big turnout in this ballot and a positive result.  Don’t forget to get your workmates to vote too.

There should be materials about the ballot in your workplace and meetings about the pay issue.  You can read more about pay if you Click here.  The Government chooses to give tax cuts to top earners and business, it’s time they changed their priorities and paid a decent pay increase for local government and school staff whose pay has fallen by almost 20%.    

If you’ve not received a ballot paper call 0800 0 857 857 or visit:

If you are not yet a UNISON member, you can still take part in the ballot if you join the union and apply for a ballot paper before noon on 18 June. 


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