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Become a safety rep

The UNISON campaign to keep members safe in these extraordinarily difficult times, and for whatever the future brings is building momentum.
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Adapt to Win: Remote Organising Webinar

Adapt to Win. The world has changed, it's time for our union and our organising techniques to change.
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UNISON In Schools: November 2020

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InTouch Activist Magazine Autumn 2020

InTouch: Autumn 2020The Newsletter for all UNISON Stewards and Activists in the North West Region
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UNISON North West Black Members' Magazine October 2020

  The latest edition of the UNISON NW Black Members' magazine is here, including articles on:  How to get involved in Black Members' Committee Black Lives & COVID-19 Know your rights Black History Month
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Bring Liverpool NHS Services In-House: Write an email to support the campaign

Outsourced NHS workers who are members of Liverpool Hospitals Health UNISON branch are campaigning for ALL NHS staff and services at Liverpool Hospitals to be brought back in-house. This would result in a multitude of benefits for patients and staff alike.

You can help make this aspiration a reality by writing to your local MP and the CEO of your local NHS Trust by using our template letters below. Please do personalise these as much as you can, it's always more impactful if you refer to your own experiences of working in the NHS or using the local hospital. Our template letter is written from the perspective of an outsourced NHS worker- if you are employed by the NHS or are a supporter who does not work within the health service, please edit the template letter accordingly.

Please send one email/letter to your local MP and one email/letter to the CEO of your local NHS Trust. Thank you for your support.

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UNISON In Schools: It's time to stand up for school support staff

As school support staff, we are on the frontline in the struggle against COVID-19. From teaching assistants, caretakers and administrators to cleaners, technicians and caterers, we are putting ourselves at risk to keep our children safe. 

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to go above and beyond to protect, support and   educate our children—but we expect the same support and protection from the government and our employers. 

Sadly, the support we have received from the government has been unclear, confused and completely inadequate. As school support staff, we are being put at risk to satisfy the government’s aim to get pupils back to school and parents back to work. 

We support getting our children back to school, but this should be done safely and sensibly.  

In the absence of proper government support, we need to build our collective voice at work through our trade union UNISON to guarantee our health and safety, protect our normal pay when we are absent due to COVID-19 and to ensure that our children are safe. We all play a vital role in school life—but we need all members to get active to strengthen our collective voice at work.

Please read our latest schools newsletter to find out how you can get involved and for an update on the current situation in schools.

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Health Students: Join UNISON

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Lifeways: Fair Pay for Holiday!

UNISON North West has launched a campaign to end the unlawful underpayment of holiday pay for Lifeways care workers.
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Building Health & Safety Capacity At Pace: UNISON NW H&S Seminar

UNISON North West Regional Health & Safety Seminar

Building Health and Safety Capacity At Pace


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