NJC Pay Consultation Under Way

Members are recommended to REJECT the employers’ offer.



UNISON branches are currently consulting members whose pay is determined by the NJC (National Joint Council for Local Government Services) about a two-year offer received from the employers.

This consultation will include most local authority employees, many members in schools, and some employees in the Fire Service.

The recommendation of the UNISON NJC Committee and of the North West Regional Service Group is to REJECT the offer.

The employers’ offer would mean that anybody earning £19,430 or more (full time) would receive a 2% rise in each of the next two years. This is cumulatively worth 4.04%, but inflation is forecast to rise by 6.61% over the same period.  

For the majority of members, the employers’ offer means two more years of falling living standards.   

The offer includes an element of ‘bottom weighting’ which would mean higher percentage increases for low-paid staff.

The employers’ offer falls short of the unions’ claim for a one-year 5% increase and for the lowest paid to receive at least the real Foundation Living Wage.

It is important that we get a good turnout in the branch consultation so please use your vote and REJECT the employers’ offer.

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