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Stockport Council under pressure to step in as local Borough Care workers struggle with coronavirus and no sick pay


Stockport Council has come under fire for not protecting care workers as UNISON NW has uncovered the shocking treatment of carers who work for Stockport's largest provider of residential care.

UNISON North West Schools Forum Statement: Proposed 1 June Increase in Pupil Numbers

UNISON today has issued guidance to all support staff members working in schools across the country over its opposition over the Government's unsafe proposal to increase pupil numbers from the 1st June.

Care Workers vs COVID-19 – The Importance of Trade Unions and Collective Strength in Social Care

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of trade unions and the need for social care workers to have a strong voice at work.

UNISON appalled at revelation that some of Nightingale Hospital Manchester's healthcare heroes are being underpaid

UNISON has uncovered the concerning news that some cleaners, porters, catering assistants and security guards at the NHS Nightingale Hospital in Manchester are receiving less pay from night and weekend shifts than their colleagues who do exactly the same jobs in other NHS hospitals. 

Support for family and friends of deceased members

We are so saddened to hear of members dying from COVID-19, including so many who have died in the line of duty, as they try to help others in this unprecedented time.

International Workers' Memorial Day - Minute's Silence - 11am on Tuesday 28 April

The purpose of International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) has never been more prescient in this time of global health crisis.

Our care workers deserve more than badges and applause: Hassan Ortega, UNISON NW Community Chair's Blog

Care workers - and all the disciplines they cover - are high on UNISON North West's agenda. They are our valued members working across the statutory, community and private sectors.

UNISON North West Schools Forum Statement: Catering Companies and Furlough

Over the last two weeks it has been brought to the attention of the Schools Committee that some catering companies may be trying to work around Cabinet advice in relation to school staff not being furloughed.

Thank You

UNISON publicly thanks members working during the crisis.

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