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‘We Won’t Pay You’: costly Addaction rebrand sparks fury as rehab workers resume strike action over broken pay promises

The national charity Addaction is set to re-name itself ‘We Are With You’ this week, but the re-branding exercise is set to be overshadowed by strike action in Wigan and Leigh. 

Charlotte Nichols MP and Warrington councillors condemn local care provider Catalyst Choices over cuts to care workers’ pay and working conditions

Charlotte Nichols, MP for Warrington North and twenty two Warrington councillors have today (Monday) written to Catalyst Choices, expressing their concern about the local care company’s proposed cuts to its employees’ pay and working conditions. The letter also notes that “frontline staff are struggling with understaffing and unmanageable workloads.”

Drug and alcohol rehab workers announce five days of strikes over pay

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation workers in Wigan and Leigh are to strike for five days – from Thursday 27 February until Wednesday 4 March – in a long-running dispute over pay.

UNISON Stockport: Love The Earth: Valentine's Day Climate Protest

Stockport UNISON (LG) branch are supporting the national climate strike day of action on 14 Feb by hosting a 'Love the Earth' Climate Protest.

Hospital workers in Blackpool and St Helens emerge victorious in strikes over equal pay

UNISON and private company Compass, which employs cleaners, caterers, porters, security and reception staff at Blackpool and St Helens Hospitals, have reached an agreement to end the long-running dispute over wages and sick pay. 

Warrington care workers protest against employer Catalyst Choices’ proposed cuts to pay and working conditions

Warrington care workers have today (Tuesday) delivered a petition to Catalyst Choices’ head office, in opposition to their employer’s proposed cuts to the care workers’ pay and working conditions. The petition was handed directly to Chris Ball, the local care company’s Director of Operations.

UNISON members write book!

12 UNISON members in Merseyside have written a book of short stories.

The writers with their book, Reflections, at the launch event

The book, called Reflections, was created with Writing on the Wall, the Merseyside Literature and creative writing organisation
The members developed their writing and spoken word skills on a 12 week course called What’s your Story with Writing on the Wall (WoW), after a course was advertised to UNISON members in Merseyside.

Kevan Nelson, Regional Secretary of UNISON in the North West, commented:
“The members who participated came from all different sectors of our union and brought with them experiences from their work and personal lives which undoubtedly influenced their writing: The stories are funny, heart-warming and at times, sad. The group wrote about a lot of different subjects, themselves and their personal stories along with things to do with their daily life; the stories are about love, loss, family, work, and being a parent, and a particularly onerous train journey...
Reading the these stories and hearing the strong voices of our members has been a privilege and has reminded me, once again, of the importance of sharing experiences of ordinary working people and what we can learn from each other. They are a great read and I really enjoyed each and every one.

Addaction staff raise concerns about “dangerous” services and “atrocious” waiting times in Wigan Council-commissioned service

Staff at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation service in Wigan and Leigh, which is currently provided by the London-based charity Addaction, have raised serious concerns about staffing levels and the way the service is run.

North West councils spending £1.4bn less on key services than in 2010

Commenting on research published by the TUC today (Monday) that shows that councils in the North West are spending £1.4bn a year less on key services than in 2010, UNISON North West regional secretary Kevan Nelson said: 

“Local council-run services hold communities together but nine years of Westminster-imposed austerity has put an immense strain on their ability to do that.

Compass workers back on strike as poll shows the public oppose NHS outsourcing


Around 300 staff employed by private contractor Compass within NHS trusts in St Helens and Blackpool are beginning their fifth round of strike action today.

After the current two day strike, the hospital workers will have taken 14 days of action over the company’s failure to match health service pay rates and working conditions.

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