National Police Staff Pay Strike Suspended

The industrial action over Police Staff pay scheduled for next week (22 December) has been suspended pending talks.  You can read today’s national press release here.

Many UNISON members in Greater Manchester were disappointed and upset by comments from the local Police Federation spokesperson that appeared in the Manchester Evening News this week.  Maria Moss, UNISON North West Head of Police and Justice, has written to the Evening News in response.  The text of the letter is below:   

“I feel compelled to respond to the comments made by Inspector Ian Hanson in the M.E.N. report about the now-suspended industrial action by UNISON members working for the Police (3,000 GMP civilian workers to strike for 24 hours over pay, M.E.N., December 17).  Police staff perform valuable roles in stations, control rooms and in the community.  They are the lowest paid Police employees and have seen their living standards fall by 13% since 2010 as wages have not kept up with inflation.  Our members voted to take action because they were at the end of their tether.  It was not something done lightly or irresponsibly – members would have returned to work in the event of a major incident.  Their importance to the service is apparent in Inspector Hanson’s highlighting of the need for Police Officers to cover their work.  Police staff perform essential roles and should be paid fairly. 

“It was disappointing to our members that the Greater Manchester Police Federation spokesperson made such condescending and derogatory comments.  UNISON works positively with the Federation and in the current climate of cuts it is important that we work together. 

“The strike action planned for 22nd December has been suspended pending further talks at national level and UNISON remains committed to getting Police staff a fair deal.”      

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