Mersey Travel Black History Month Events


UNISON Mersey Travel branch are hosting a series of events to mark Black History Month.


Places are free but we would have to have an initial  limited to 10 for non-Mersey Travel Branch members.  Members can contact Norman Hunter direct by email at [email protected] 


Thursday 13 October 16:00 - 18:00  Liverpool and Slavery - Laurence Westgaph from Liverpool Slavery Museum will lead a two hour walking tour highlighting the often overlooked and unknown history of the city and its connections with the history of slavery. Start Point & finish point Mann Island  Funded by UNISON.  To book a place email: [email protected] 

Friday 14 October 12:00 - 14:30 The World Reimagined. Guided tour lead by UNISON Black Members Officer Maleka Egeonu-Roby, visit the Globe Sculptures within Liverpool City Centre Start Point & finish point Mann Island about 10,000 steps.  To book a place email: [email protected] 

Thursday 28 October 12:30 - 13:30  The World Reimagined. guided tour lead by Learning Team member, Norman Hunter, visit the Globe Sculpture at Birkenhead Priory,  Start point Woodside Ferry Terminal and finish point  Birkenhead Tunnel staff carpark, about 2,500 steps. To book a place  email: [email protected] 

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