UNISON's democratic structures involve a number of regular meetings taking place in the North West region.  Some of these meetings are organised for and by particular groups of UNISON members, others are decision-making meetings where participants are nominated to represent the wider membership.  Some upcoming meetings are listed below with details of who to contact with any queries.   


Regional Council 

Contact: Val Rothwell, [email protected]  


Women's Regional Committee

Contact: Jen Walley, [email protected]


LGBT Self Organised Group

Contact: Paddy Clasby, [email protected] 


Young Members' Meeting

Contact: Lyndsey Marchant, [email protected]


Black Members' Self Organised Group

Contact: Angela Blundell, [email protected]  More information on the Black Members' Committee 


Regional Disabled Members' Committee

Contact: Jason Wood, [email protected]


Regional International Committee

Contact: Tracey Delaney, [email protected]







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