Marchers Set to Call for Fair Funding for Public Services

Manchester March 290913 - editPeople across the North West are gearing up to call for Fair Funding for Public Services at the march and rally in Liverpool on Saturday 15 March. 

The North West has taken the brunt of Central Government cuts over the past four years.  Local authorities in the region have been hit by funding cuts greater than the national average and those in more deprived areas have been particularly hard-hit.  For example, Liverpool City Council is suffering cuts of 27.1%, while the least deprived area in the country, Hart District Council in Hampshire, is facing cuts of 1.5%.       

Funding cuts have already impacted on valuable services across the region including libraries, sure start centres, support for the elderly, day care centres and school crossing patrols.  More than 80,000 public sector jobs have been lost in the North West. 

Some of the funding cuts already announced have yet to be translated into service and job cuts.  Moreover, far from austerity being temporary, Central Government plans to increase the pace of cuts in the coming years. 

Kevan Nelson, UNISON Regional Secretary said:

“For nearly four years we have seen a concerted attack by Central Government on the people who work in and use public services.  Our services are creaking under the strain of this relentless pressure.”

“The Government wants to make austerity permanent.  We are now clearly witnessing an attack on what is best about our society.  What previous generations have built up is now under threat.” 

“The Government is jeopardising support for vulnerable people, and cutting back on the public services that bind our communities together.  Austerity is an attack on what makes our society humane and cohesive, and we cannot let this go on.  We urgently need Fair Funding for Public Services.” 

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