Making the Most of t'Internet

Wirral branch gets online - we'll be booking holidays to Egypt in no time (and learning essential skills for the workplace)

Members in our Wirral branch attended our Saturday session at Leasowe Learning Centre last week, run by the WEA.

The Unison member learning offer includes this fantastic one day introduction to using the internet efficiently and effectively including how to use job search websites and create and upload CVs. With one in four adults lacking home internet access, the Unison Inclusive Learning Project works to ensure greater access to IT for our members in a world where internet access is becoming an essential human need.

Contact us to get this course running in your branch.

mtmoti_wirral.jpgLearning Organiser in tracksuit bottoms shock horror, explains the importance of the learning rep over lunch - provided by the Unison Inclusive Learning Project

mtmoti_wirral_2.jpgMembers looking interested and engaged during the speech, which was both informative and funny

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