Making Sure the Workers’ Voice is Heard

Devo Manc Leaders and Unions Agree New Protocol


The Interim Mayor of Greater Manchester Tony Lloyd, leaders from local councils, trade union members and leaders met at Manchester Town Hall today to sign a new protocol for worker engagement in the Devo Manc process.

UNISON members Jacqueline Pearson, a Customer Service Officer from Manchester, and Will Crowther, a Nursing Assistant from the Central Manchester Trust were present for the signing.  Lynn Collins, Regional Secretary of the North West TUC and Kevan Nelson, Chair of the North West TUC Public Services Committee signed the protocol. 

Kevan Nelson said:

“It is important that the benefits of devolution are felt by the citizens and workers of Greater Manchester.  

“This new protocol recognises that the role of employees is vital in delivering quality public services and that there is a need for high-quality employment in the Greater Manchester economy.      

“The devolution agenda is taking place in a context of chronic underfunding of public services.  Staff are worried about the future of their jobs and the services they provide, and it is welcome that Greater Manchester’s leaders are committed to doing all they can to avoid worsening pay, pensions and terms and conditions. 

“Their commitment to early consultation with staff and the creation of a new Workforce Engagement Board will help ensure that change takes place on a consensual basis where possible.  In reshaping public services and governance in Greater Manchester, it is essential that the workers’ voice is heard. 

“We all want to play our part in creating a Greater Manchester with excellent public services and secure high-quality employment.  This protocol is an important step in working towards that goal.”     

Lynn Collins said:

“Trade union engagement on this is vital and we are glad that our unions have entered into this protocol with Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester has led the way on devolution and we are glad they have recognised the importance of worker voice in this new way of working. We will be encouraging all other city regions to enter into similar arrangements as and when they announce their devolution deals."

Tony Lloyd said:

“Trade unions represent the voice of those who will make devolution work for the people of Greater Manchester so it’s common sense to agree this protocol today. If we are to truly make devolution work for the citizens of Greater Manchester we need to involve them in local decisions and let them help shape the destiny of our city region. This agreement exemplifies my personal commitment and that of the ten Local Authority leaders to do just that, whether that’s through safeguarding and creating jobs, developing the skills of our workforce or transforming the delivery of public services."

The agreed Protocol document is available here.

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